What do you stand for?

I have a big problem with apathy. Apathy is complacency with a capital C.

Everyone can find something meaningful and invest some of their time and energy. There is no shortage of issues, ideas or movements to get behind, so take your pick my friends!

The dynamic, young complacency crushers at Apathy Is Boring are on the right track. Their mission of using art and technology, and most recently social media, to educate youth about democracy is a shining example of inspiring others to take action in the modern age. They are giving passionate, young leaders an outlet to influence change.

Whatever you choose, there are many benefits to getting involved:

  • Make new connections: You can meet exciting people who share the same interests and expand your network. You may even find your future life partner – it’s not that strange, I’ve seen serious love connections happen!
  • Hone and build your skills: Employment isn’t the only way to gain useful skills. Volunteering, activism or community involvement give you some great opportunities to learn new skills and practice existing ones. Personally, I have gained skills and knowledge in Board and corporate governance, grant applications, volunteer management, networking and public speaking – all while “off the clock”.
  • Support the community (however you define it): There are a lot of organizations and causes that can use your amazing skills to fulfill their missions, so lend your expertise in finance, social change, technology, marketing or tying fancy knots.
  • Feel good about yourself: Doing your bit to make a difference gives you a higher sense of purpose and meaning, and makes you feel pretty darn good.

  • Vote, volunteer, write a letter, have an engaging discussion, challenge the status quo.

    The idea is to get involved. It’s your world, so take an active role in shaping it into the world you want it to be.

    No one has an excuse to be bored.

    Constant Questions: What do you stand for? What have you gained from investing your personal resources into something meaningful? What are you doing to get others involved? Is caring sharing or is sharing caring? Remember the Care Bears? Why were some of them not actually bears?


    3 thoughts on “What do you stand for?

    1. Great points, Rickesh. There is much that we can do … if we choose. We can even participate remotely.

      I’m especially dismayed when people don’t invest in improving their skills. Look back one year, three years and five years. Unless we’re getting better, we’re falling behind. Volunteering is an excellent way to learn and practice (while doing good).

      PS I never watched the Care Bears but assumed they were all bears.

      • Thanks for joining the discussion Promod, and for sharing the post. I like your point about improving skills – something we should be doing constantly and intentionally. See volunteering as “free” professional development and it might look more attractive.

        And yes, there were a few Care Bears who were other animals – an elephant, a lion and I think some type of hamster, though they were considered cousins.

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