Why the heck are you here?


“The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” – Mark Twain

Have you figured it out yet? Why you are here?

Sometimes it could take a lifetime, but never stop searching for that reason.

We are all here to accomplish some purpose. Start a movement. Teach others. Make a product which will make life better for people. Keep our streets safe. Create art for others to enjoy. It likely involves contributing something to the greater good.

Stephen Covey talks about defining your own personal mission statement as a habit for success. Maybe it changes over time, maybe it doesn’t stick forever, but if you don’t have a sense of purpose, then it’s very hard to determine where to invest your precious time. FranklinCovey has a personal mission statement builder that can help you figure yourself out – complex, enigmatic puzzle that you are!

My core belief is that “we are all responsible for each others’ success” – so my mission is to help others to achieve success, in whatever way I can. It’s not that I have any amazing abilities to help others, but if there is a way I can help someone out in their journey, why wouldn’t I? It’s a privilege and an honour, because it’s a small way I can pay forward all of the amazing mentors, leaders, coaches and inspirational people who helped me on my path.

Anything and everything we have achieved in our lives, we didn’t do alone – someone helped us, whether we knew it or not. There are some people who believe they did everything on their own. I’m not trying to undermine the role of the “pull up your bootstraps” story, where hard work and tireless perseverance were essential ingredients of success. Although somewhere along that path, a person reached out their hand to support you, you accepted it, and it made a difference. Their purpose and path intertwined with yours and created a stepping stone for you.

What is the point of humanity if we aren’t supporting each other? I don’t think on your path to success that you have to step over other people or achieve success independently. The most generous people out there seem to be the ones who have the most good fortune, and that’s probably not a coincidence.

By defining your purpose on the planet, you can find your route to generosity for others and your connection to the big picture.

Don’t stop trying to figure out your purpose, and if you have figured it out (lucky you), don’t ever stop trying to achieve it!

Thanks to Promod Sharma for bringing the opening quote by Mark Twain into my life, amongst many other amazing ideas he has instilled into my mind. Check out his excellent blog network – you won’t be disappointed.

Constant Questions: Please share! What is your personal mission statement? What do you believe you are here to achieve? Do you remember the day you were born? Seriously? You are indeed special, my friend.